What is a Social Entrepreneur?

We are a company that aims to transform and improve society through a business point of view.

What do we do?

We do training & consultancy, we organize events, we do media productions and we are also involved in the tour and travel sector.

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My account of arModafinil online prescription. Mood swing was a big focus area of this experiment regarding to armodafinil, amongst other Eminence social entrepreneur is the pioneering company to introduce the concept of social entrepreneurship in Ethiopia. Our company established in June 2010 with its headquarters in Addis Ababa provides new and all-inclusive professional services for the domestic and international market. Eminence is engaged in a various professional fields including media and communications, event organization, and diverse trainings. 

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Our company aims to build a transformed social entrepreneurship using self empowerment in all of our projects. We strive to build strong reputation based on quality, integrity and trust.
To be a leading capacity building organization in Africa by 2020 
To build personal, organizational, institutional and social capacity through highly innovative, inspiring and engaging media out lets and trainings.
To strive for excellence in all we do To demonstrate a high team orientation in our organization and with our partners To be a learning and innovative organization To exemplify personal and organizational integrity To be generous in all we do and say

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